21st of April 2021 … coming back to wordpress more than a year after going with WiX.

18th of January 2020 … after a little holiday rest (seems I need more and more of those), my new book about living the simple life fktr3 (factor three) is going under press as I am writing. It’s going to be out in three languages: français, english and español. First press= français

21st of Oct 2019 … soon will be coming back to life …

3rd of March 2019 … will be taking a break from the site to write fktr3.

18th of Jan 2019 … ok … it seems the holidays took my eyes off the ball. I’m back. Happy New Year you all!!!

25th of Nov 2018 … writing about fatherhood makes me realize even more how much I love my daughters.

20th of Nov 2018 … lately decided to use only one prime social network to communicate … Instagram under the name of xavography.

17th of Nov 2018 … challenges of life kind of put me off schedule. But I’m back on track.

3rd of Nov 2018 … simplicity is the main reason why I decided to offer you an all categories intro page. You can now sort to your liking by clicking on the yellow category on top of the image.

31st of Oct 2018 … in the process of putting final words on a handbook on simplicity called fktr3 … how long before the launch? A month, a year… don’t know anymore.

24th of Oct 2018 … welcome to the new X A V O G R A P H Y site. Slowly rebuilding, thanx for your patience.